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rainnmaker's Journal

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This community is for those that feel the need to connect, question and get support. You must be a member to post.
All posted comments are screened.
No flaming allowed.
This is for those that feel it is easier to connect via internet rather than by phone.
Also, label post as "Graphic" or "YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ" or "TRIGGER"IF the entry is graphic in posting.
But it should also be noted this is the place for such issues. This is a safe space for discussion and venting.
I am NOT a certified cousellor but have gone through the experience of being raped, sexually aassaulted and have gone through the courts, counselling and it is my hope to help provide direction and a sound ear. The offical RAINN website does help. I am from Canada and can supply the support informations from this angle.

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network is the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline and carries out programs to prevent sexual assault, help victims and ensure that rapists are brought to justice.

National Sexual Assault Hotline • 1.800.656.HOPE • Free. Confidential. 24/7.
IN Toronto:
Toronto Rape Crisis Centre
The Gerstein Centre: http://www.gersteincentre.org/
PRIME (Prevention through Risk Identification, Management and Education)
Distress Centres in Ontario http://www.dcontario.org/
Quebec Rape Cris Centre http://www.casac.ca/english/avcentres/rccs_qc.htm
www.houseofsophrosyne.com is a start for women with addiction/substance abuse and trauma counselling..... a must see!
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