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Hell all,

I want to bring to your attention an awesome new program. It's women-oriented 5 week program that addresses trauma (2weeks) and substance absue/or dependance (3weeks)

Please check it out @ www.houseofsophrosyne.com
Cheers all!



I know it's been awhile since I've posted in this community. Hope you are all well.
Just a reminder, posting in this community is an ensemble piece - tell you're story, suggest links - be active! Just remember the rules for posting.

Currently, I'm very busy. I've been getting some professional help for my own victimization through the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). I've just been learning that I, too have been passing on secondary abuse to my boyfriend by staying stuck in victemization. Not good. But through education that is slowly changing.

Since September I've been working with S.T.A.G.E. (Student Theatre For Awareness and Education) www.stageproject.ca....
This group deal with such issues as cyberbulling, labelling, neglect, sexual abuse, date rape, etc...I've even 'assisted' with the group by writing my rape story into their play... it's an exciting time for S.T.A.G.E.

I encourage you to look through the site.(Keep comming back to it too b/c it's just being uploaded) Technical rehearsal is in fact tonight and I'm Stage Managing!! ACK!

There's many things to get involved with in your own area. I'll close due to time but, remember: (And this is new to me too) Try not to counsel a friend or yourselves through this group. We're not qualified to deal with such issues. We're only the "divining rod" or the friend to get in touch with the professionals!


Survivor support through research

Hi all,

My name is Jen and I'm a 24 yr old survivor of sexual victimization. I was 11 years old at the time and for 12 years of my life I was in denial about my assault because I believed that my family knew and didn't want to talk about it; thus, that it did not happen. However, I learned last year, that was not the truth. The truth was that my uncle had lied to my aunt as well as the rest of my family. Since that time I have been in therapy and learned a lot about myself.
Currently, I am a graduate student at Walla Walla College in Washington, studying Social Work. My goal is to be a Clinical Social Worker specializing in sexual victimization. That being said, my other purpose in posting (besides being a survivor) is to request participants to help me with my research (it is a requirement for me this year). I am studying sexual assault and the reporting practices of the victims. I have posted my survey online on surveymonkey.com and all data that I collect is anonymous, I won't know who answered and who did not. I will tell you that some of the questions are very personal; however, I believe that they are necessary for my research. After I have collected the data and analyzed it, I hope to use the information to develop better prevention and support for victims of sexual assault.
If you would like to participate by taking the survey, the website is

Click here to take survey

Thanks to everyone for reading this as well as those who participate

Be A RAINNmaker!

Be a RAINNMaker!
This cummunity has been inspirted by RAINN! http://www.rainn.org/about/rainnmaker.index.html

Submitted by darceyw on Mon, 2006-07-31 12:47.
Want to help raise funds to fight against sexual assault? Be a RAINNMaker!

Frequently Asked Questions about Being a RAINNMaker
I've never raised money for RAINN before. Is it difficult?
Raising money doesn't have to be hard, but we understand that it can be a little intimidating, especially if you've never done it before. Just keep it simple, invite people who care about you and care about preventing sexual assault and you'll be amazed at how easy it can be. See our host planning guide for more details on how to go about planning your party and ensuring that it’s a fundraising success.
Do I have to host an event, or can I just make a donation to RAINN?
You do not have to host an event, although it is a great way to introduce others to RAINN and encourage them to support our work. If you'd prefer, however, to make a donation directly to RAINN without hosting an event, we certainly welcome your support. For more information on donating, please visit the donation page on our website. You can also raise money from friends and family without hosting an event. The best way to do that would be to talk to people individually and ask them to join you in making a contribution to RAINN. You can use the donation forms that are available on our website.
Will RAINN help me organize my event?
RAINNMakers are generally responsible for organizing their own events. We will provide you with our RAINNMaker Kit to help you with the process of planning an event. If along the way you ever have any questions or want some feedback on ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us at membership@rainn.org. We can also provide you with informational materials about RAINN including "About RAINN" flyers, wallet cards, and Get Carded cards. If you are unsure about how to ask people to make donations, we would be more than happy to provide you with a script that you can use at your event.
Will RAINN help me cover the expenses for my event?
Because we are a non-profit organization, we are unable to provide financial assistance for events. This allows us to allocate as much money as possible to our programs. More than 84 cents of every dollar goes directly to sexual assault programs.
I think I'm ready to host an event, what's the first step?
Once you know what kind of event you would like to host, the first step is to fill out our RAINNMaker form. To request a form, email with "Requesting RAINNMaker Form" in the subject line. Once we receive your form, we will review your event details and get back to your with comments, suggestions, and how we will be able to assist you. If you're approved, you will receive a RAINNMaker kit.
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You might not want to read.

So I was allowed to go to Tim Horton's by my mother with a friend that I've known from the bars and the theatre....but we never got there...Instead it was liike he planned it an showed up with two Tim's coffee's - Double double - then he drove around in circles around town - this was confusing. He endup up parked across the Happy hog bar in the ally. Made a call via text messaging, then proceed to unzip his pants...grabbed my neck while undoing my seatbelt and forced his cock into my mouth...foddle my breasts and buttocks ...until he finished.
I was so shocked about this I just sat there. While it was happening I heard the vibration of his cellphone which he picked up after it was done.
THen he took some of my money $40 bucks (I can't remember if I just gave it to him)and went somewhere...while I stayed in the van -shocked, almost crying. This was suppose to be a friend!
He came back and proceeded to sniffle and then draw coke lines for me - he knows I am on house-arrest (unless my mother allows me to go out with her or someone she approves of. She met him for the first time that day. He also know I'm fighting with staying clean and got to Stonehenge for rehab soon.) I took the lines - to make me forget what had just happened....Then he said he was going to drive me home since he had to set up for Kareoke that night at the Happy Hog.
My mom knew I had taken drugs but I didn't tell her about the sexual assault until this evening.
After awhile that night, I called his. I told him he had time to tell the bar owner that he was selling drugs (to me) in her bar or I would do it....He threatened me by saying "I'll fuck you up." I replying "no, I'll fuck you up!" After a few minutes of bickering...I chose to get dressed and go speak to the owner of the bar where he was...(I have some courage you know). But before I spoke to Deb, I told him it was his last chance to let her know....he chose to ignore me....I went to call the police and told them everything that havd happend thus far. And that Roman was selling drugs out of the bar.
I went back, I spoke to Deb(not telling her I had already phoned the cops), she in turn got her security man to speak to me, I told him that it was time to re-tell Deb that I would tell the cops the they were covering for Roman. She took that as a threat then told me to get out of her bar. I did.... Grabbing one of Romans CD's in preperation to tell him again the it was his final chance. He then grabbed me dragging me out the door - causing me to fall ddown the stairs. Losing a shoe. I swatted him trying to get his to stop but he was to strong for me....then some girl came out and pushed me and tried to start a fight with me a shoving, telling me not to punch Roman - THE NERVE - it was him doing it to me....there was this one guy trying to help me out... showing me some bogus citizen badge (like he was a cop) trying to calm me down. So I took off down the street and called to police from a pay phone. They told me to wait in front of the bar and would be there shortly.
So I went back and wait - apparently, Roman called my mother to come and get me.
So she showed up after the schuffle was pretty my gone - and I'm not proud to say it but, when to grabbed me to get me into her car I slapped her in the face. Then I told her the lady on the 911 call told me to wait for the OPP (cops). So he was pissed off at me and left (all the while not knowing that Roman sexually assaulted me). She kept saying this was all going to backfire on me. (With my luck, I'm sure it will.)
A bunch of guys came outside telling me to go wait someplace else.... yelling at me.
So I when and phone the cops again (they were taking too long!) So this time, I told the operator about the sexualt, the assualt and that I was cgoing suisidal....which I was... I was hysterical! And I stayed on the phone to wait for the cops. And after that I gave my statement, and they took me to the hospital (due to back injury, suisidal expersion.... and I was up until 6am....and I'm still waiting for the detective to come get me to give my video deposition. it's now 8:26pm. The sexual assault happened at 5-5:30pm that day.
And the previous night he tried to sell me coke at JMarks - where my mother allowed me to play pool around 1-1:30am and I drank pop. He began the conversation by stating "I got some!"
SO, if you want drugs or someone that'll sexually assault "bitches and hoes" call Roman Mandi (416)678-5682.
This is my offical statement. All comments to this shall be omitt when I video tape this to the police....
maybe I should get off the phone and she if the Detective has called.
I'm angry, shocked, horrible I feel violated and betrayed! And I'm still considering going to the hosppital psyhe ward b/c this is all too much! I don't know if I can be that strong....